August 01, 2020
Apparently, not all of you love the beach the way I do…Thank you for that feedback!
So today we’ll dive into something a little different.
Still with rainbows though….
Photo by Mark Fuller on Unsplash
My 20 something nephews and my friends’ sons are all enamored with Utah. They love to hike, to ski, to mountain bike, to be outdoors. And so, I am walking through a Place report for St George UT.  What I saw may not be news to you but was to me:
The 20somethings are right to pick UT, look at how high the outdoor activities are vs US average!
Having done the income inequality report and Proxy/BLM post recently, UT wasn’t high on my list for more than a visit to see how beautiful it is.  BUT the data surprised me!  St George is not Provo.
And all that outdoor activity is good for life expectancy

YES! I do have so much fun with this data.
Hoping I can help you get to your happy place soon!
Best wishes,
  Rose Thun, CEO and Creator of the Choose MY Happy Place Method©
  PS-   Send me a note hello @ ChooseMYHappyPlace.com to tell me – is UT better than FL or AZ or NC?
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