About Choose MY Happy Place

Hi - I’m Rose Thun, CEO and Creator of the Choose MY Happy Place Method®. I help people discover where to move or retire based on their unique situation. I notice a BIG issue coming up time and time again...

People are stuck! "Where should I move? "
That led me to create these tools and reports to give you clarity about what to consider and how to find and compare places that are right for YOU. Choose based on your criteria and what actually makes retirees happy. 
These reports and tools give a wide view to compare many places and deep dive reports into each place as well. And the data will surprise you!

My going completely nuts on research is your win- it saves you months of research and and avoids lots of time and expense of visiting or moving to the wrong place for you. Our tools cost less than one out of town visit.

It's hard to travel right now, but that should not stop you from exploring and getting to your happy place sooner.

Best wishes,
Rose Thun, CEO and Creator of the Choose MY Happy Place Method©

What do we offer?

You can see Free Sample Reports from all of these tools here.

It all started on a bit of a lark

My friend Denise was trying to decide where to retire and said she could pick more features for an engagement ring than on where to retire. It seemed absurd. But she was right.
denise and jim.png 5.21 KB

My friend B retired to FL – thrilled at the idea of sunshine, beaches, family and a great new house. She immediately regretted it.
Bea.png 6.58 KB

There’s no Trader Joes she lamented….and the yoga studios are awful. And then she awoke to an alligator nose to nose with her dog through the screen of her lanai. That did it. She’s back in MD now.

crocodile rock or alligator.png 5.74 KB

Those conversations got my curiosity going, and the deep dive into the data began… after many months of collecting and analyzing, I’ve gleaned some surprising results and wonderful reports and tools so you can stop feeling stuck and start finding what works well for you. 
Choose MY Happy Place is a new project that is part of Design Rosetta LLC.
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