About Choose MY Happy Place

Hi - I’m Rose Thun, CEO and Creator of the Choose MY Happy Place Method®.

I help people to discover where to retire based on their unique situation. I noticed a BIG issue coming up time and time again...

People say, “I feel stuck!” “I know I WANT to retire, but how do I know WHERE to retire?” 

And that led me down the path of creating tools, so you can get clarity about what to consider and how to find and compare places that are right for YOU and based on your criteria and what actually makes retirees happy. There are tools for a wide view to compare many places and deep dive reports into each place as well. We compare hundreds of attributes for 382 US Census locations and distill the findings or let you do your own deep dive in one place. 

My going completely nuts on research is your win- save yourself months of research and comparisons and avoid wasting lots of time and expense of visiting or moving to the wrong place for you.

So, let’s discover more!
The data may surprise you!

Best wishes,
Rose Thun, CEO and Creator of the Choose MY Happy Place Method©

It all started on a bit of a lark

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My friend Denise was trying to decide where to retire and said she could pick more features for an engagement ring than on where to retire. It seemed absurd. But she was right. 
denise and jim.png 5.21 KB

My friend B retired to FL – thrilled at the idea of sunshine, beaches, family and a great new house. She immediately regretted it.
Bea.png 6.58 KB

There’s no Trader Joes she lamented….and the yoga studios are awful. And then she awoke to an alligator nose to nose with her dog through the screen of her lanai. That did it. She’s back in MD now.

crocodile rock or alligator.png 5.74 KB

Those conversations got my curiosity going, and the deep dive into the data began… after many months of collecting and analyzing, I’ve gleaned some surprising results and wonderful reports and tools. 

What do we offer?

Who's it for?

Think of how much thought and planning you put into your job, your Thanksgiving menu, or buying a car. Your happiness is worth some attention too. These tools help you get to your happy place sooner!

These tools are for anyone who's looking for a hands-on and pragmatic approach to kick start and validate their ideas about where to retire or move now:
  • People who are too busy to focus on this
  • People who are dreaming of retiring someday
  • People who are planning to retire soon
  • People who are trying to decide with a partner
  • People who moved and hate their new home
  • People who are working from home and want to get to their happy place now
And yes, even people who’ve retired too!

This is the perfect set of tools for you if…
  •  You’re not sure how to even begin thinking about how to choose
  • You're frustrated at the Top 10 Lists that don’t let you pick criteria you care about and you have no idea what went into those lists anyways
  • You have a few places in mind and are not sure how to decide between them
  • You just want an easy way to rank and organize and score the data, in a way you pick, to find what works for you, without having to do months or years of research and data gathering
  • You are not ready to retire yet but have started thinking and like being able to compare ideas and see what others are finding
  • You and your sweetheart can't agree or decide and need a way to better think about this
  • You don't want to waste time and money visiting or moving to the wrong place 
  • Your want to start day dreaming about the details now


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