Action Pack by Rose Thun

Action Pack

Get to your happy place sooner! This Bundle guides you to identify your priorities, plan and compare >100 detail costs in 382 places US wide

This product bundle includes:

  • The Choose MY Happy Place Costs Report with detailed costs for taxes, housing, medical, food, transportation, entertainment and more than 100 types of costs for the US wide and each of the 382 places. Since 53% of people consider only cost in choosing where to retire, we give you that data in one report
  • The Criteria Report of what to consider when choosing where to retire and what actually makes people happy in retirement (Hint: It’s more than just costs)
  • The Quick Action Cubicle Poster with an overview of the process to help you choose where to retire
Reports to give you tactics, strategies, and mindset-shifting info at your fingertips, so you can learn what you need, when you need it.

If you’re not sure how to even begin thinking about how to choose, the Action Pack Product Bundle gets you started, guides you to identify your priorities and get closer to your happy place.

What's included?

Choose MY Happy Place Cost Report

53% of people consider only cost in choosing where to retire. This report gives you that data for >100 costs in 382 places & US wide

Choose MY Happy Place Criteria Report

Get a first look at types of criteria to consider, and the why behind each, when choosing where to retire 

Choose MY Happy Place Quick Action Poster

The Action Plan - Inspiring Cubicle Art
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